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Paco opened Graven Image Tattoo in 1993.  He has been featured in numerous books and magazines, such as The Modern Masters of Tattooing,  International Tattoo Art , Cyclopedia BioMekanica, and Taiwan Tattoo Extreme.  He is currently working on his documentary series "BECOMING"  that can be viewed on YouTube. He specializes in custom biomechanical and figurative tattoos.


Paco is unfortunately able to start only a small number of new projects each year.  Because of this any new projects will be limited to those that are particularly artistically challenging.  Larger pieces and new or unusual ideas are selected.  If you would like your project to be considered, please fill out the form here.  Include as much information as you can and feel free to write about why you would like Paco to work with you.  Not all projects will be selected, so please be patient if it takes a little while to get an email response.  We will try to get back to everyone regardless but it may take some time.  We appologize for any inconvenience this causes.


Please fill out this form to inquire about starting a new tattoo.

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